Proud Partner of the European Rail Congress

Proud Partner of the European Rail Congress

European Rail Infrastructure Managers (EIM) was established in 2002 following the liberalisation of the European railway market by the European Commission. EIM’s role is to provide a single voice to represent the interests of European Infrastructure Managers (IMs) vis-à-vis all relevant European institutions and stakeholders, help members develop their businesses through the sharing of experiences, and contribute through its members to the technical and safety activities of the European Rail Agency (ERA)

The main mission of EIM is to:-

  • promote the development, improvement and efficient delivery of rail infrastructure in the EU
  • make liberalisation a success in the countries where it has been implemented
  • represent its members’ political, technical and business interests to all relevant EU institutions
  • support the business development by providing a forum for cooperation
  • provide an environment for the leaders of IMs for sharing best practices and efficiency tools

The vision of EIM is to:-

  • support an open and seamless European rail network, promoting a safe and sustainable transport system.

Since 2002, EIM Members have evolved in line with the market needs. Today, Members cover 53% of European rail lines, 68% rail passengers and 42% of all rail freight within the EEA. In total, EIM counts 11 full members and 2 associate in 11 countries.

The President of EIM is Mr Gunnar Malm, CEO of Trafikverket, the Executive Director is Ms Monika Heiming.