Proud Partner of the European Rail Congress

European Parliament Transport and Tourism Committee

Proud Partner of the European Rail Congress

Our Committee is a law making Committee under the co-decision procedure and has many years of experience in working with Member States, being an equal partner in formulating transport legislation, tourism policy and policies relating to postal services.

Transport is an established part of everyday life. It is important, not only in delivering goods and services for industry and commerce, but also in moving people from home to work, to school or on a well earned holiday. Without transport, society stands still, trade collapses and we lose this vital interconnection. We all need transport in our daily lives. My Committee has long recognised these facts and has worked to ensure that, within the European Union, we realise transport's full potential, not only for economic and social sustainability but also, and just as importantly, for environmental sustainability.

It is our belief that, whatever the mode, transport adds value to society and every person should have access to it.