Proud Partner of the European Rail Congress

Proud Media Partner of the European Rail Congress

Throughout the turbulent history of the privatised railway, Rail Professional has helped managers keep abreast of the strategy, policies, personalities and politics that define the industry. Through our regular high-profile interviews with rail regulators, ministers and top directors, Rail Professional offers informed insight to those working in rail. The editorial content is backed up by the unparalleled industry knowledge of our commentators. Previous contributors include BBC transport correspondents Paul Clifton and Peter Plisner, former Manchester Evening News transport specialist Alan Salter and Robert Wright, the Financial Times' logistics correspondent. Many of our writers, including editor Katie Silvester, have won awards for their transport writing.

Readership research has revealed that, on average, more than 60 per cent of respondents either decide, recommend or specify the purchase of rail products and services.

The buying power of Rail Professional's readers equates to a staggering £6.86bn - an audience worth advertising to.